Using Water to Increase Fuel Efficiency

A lesser known fact is that a hydrogen generator which will make your car run on water can actually give a fuel efficiency of 25-50%. You can use water to increase fuel efficiency.

Earlier, hydrogen generators seemed to be a concern of factories and large industries but with the advancement in time, hydrogen generators were reduced to small sized generators which could be easily installed in cars and light vehicles. In such a case, it becomes increasingly important to understand the working of the hydrogen generator and analyzing how one can use water to increase the efficiency.

It is a fact that water can be burned down by the process of electrolysis to produce a gas which is known as HHO gas. The gas comprises of a single oxygen atom with two hydrogen atoms. The HHO is a safe gas to use but it can be a real power booster when coupled with the already existing fuel. The gas provides a punch to the fuel and thus helps in increasing the fuel efficiency and the mileage. Building a hydrogen generator is not a difficult task, as the parts can be easily bought from the market in less than $65 and then you can save a lot of your money on the fuel, nearly about 40%. You can easily build up your own hydrogen generator in your weekend and then enjoy a higher fuel efficiency.