Install a Rear View Camera

The answer to this issue is the rear view camera. These cameras are easy to use but it is important that you choose the correct one to buy. Make sure that when you are looking to buy one you get a rear view camera that automatically turns on when you go into reverse. It should also look like a mirror. This choice makes it easier to use the camera.

When you buy a rear view camera you will get a LCD wireless monitor that you put on the dashboard.

There will also be a small holder for the wireless monitor and double sided sticky tape to install it easily. If you don't like this method, you can also screw it into your dashboard. This is a more stable way to install it and it is also very permanent. Don't choose this method until you are sure you want to keep the camera.

You can then plug it into the cigarette lighter using a 12 volt adapter. You can also tap into the vehicle's fuse box if you are clever enough to know how to do that. Just look on the internet for good instructions. You can also pay someone to install it for you.

The camera itself sits on the top or the bottom of the license plate, depending on your vehicle. The power needs to be hard wired, similar to hooking up a trailer's lights. It can either work all of the time or only when you are driving in reverse- the choice is yours. You will be grateful that you got a rear view camera the first time you use it. It really is an amazing invention.